Take your first step towards unleashing your potential on the world.

Wunder Hunter: It’s what we call the curious and restless soul that forms the very heartbeat of Wunderman. We are a global agency, driven to make a difference in how people connect with brands. We work across a diverse range of industry sectors, and offer opportunities in a rich array of disciplines: UX, Customer Experience Design, Communications, Strategy, Data, Account Management and beyond.

For us, it’s not about where you come from. It’s where you’re going.

Our Wunder Hunter programme has been designed to unearth the curious and the brave to join the Wunderman team. In return, we’ll provide a place to exercise your talents, discover the “you” you are meant to become, and grow to become a true tour du force of creativity that, deep down, you know you were destined to be.

Ready to spend your days thinking, creating, making and shaping?

We have places for four exceptional people to join us.  All you need is appetite, ambition and an ability to look at things differently. We’ll provide the rest.

We’re like you in many ways; energetic, ambitious and hungry for a challenge, that’s why by joining Wunderman, you’ll get exposure and to a whole range of fascinating areas and interesting projects. And we’ll support you every single step of the way.

To help you on your path of self-discovery, we will provide you with a holistic and comprehensive training programme to get you ready for your journey ahead. We’ll immerse you for a short time in four departments, where you’ll work on real clients and get hands-on experience so that you can get a little taste of the action. You’ll meet industry leaders, make long-lasting friendships and you might even get a chance to win big on the Wheel of Wunder. At the end of the programme, your path at Wunderman will be revealed; you’ll join your permanent department, get assigned to a client and get working. This is where the fun really begins.

So, what are you waiting for, Wunder Hunter?

Get ready to embark in a challenging but thrilling application journey.

There are three rounds to becoming a Wunder Hunter. Our aim is to both understand the type of Wunder Hunter you are and give you an insight into what we do here at Wunderman.

Round one.

Your journey starts with you submitting your response to five short questions, which can be found via the ‘apply now’ button below. Here we want to test your creative, analytical and decision making skills. And more importantly, for us to start getting to know you as a person and what makes you tick.

Round two.

The successful applicants, who’ve won us over with their kick-ass answers will be invited for series of face-to-face interviews where you’ll get to speak with people ranging from Heads of Strategy to Creative Directors and Account Managers. Yes, it’s going to be intense but it’ll be a blast.

Round three.

Now it heats up. We will take forward the most enthusiastic, bright and ambitious applicants to experience a day in the life here at Wunderman, where they will work in teams on a task, and take in agency life. This day will finish with teams giving a presentation, from which the four stars, that have continually shone throughout will be offered paid full-time positions at Wunderman, becoming the future lifeblood of our agency.

Now, what are you waiting for, Wunder Hunter?

You can find us here

Wunderman, Greater London House
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